How LSH helps Restore the Gift of Sight

How LSH helps Restore the Gift of Sight

  • Do you need surgery to restore your sight?
  • Is the cost stopping you?

If you need surgery to correct a problem with your vision and the cost is preventing you from solving the problem, we may be able to help. LSH funds critically needed treatment to help restore sight for people in our service area who lack the income and/or don’t have adequate insurance coverage. Though cataract surgery is most common eye issue we help fund, we do help with other eye issues, including retinal detachment, retinal tear, surfer’s eye (pterygium) and gas bubbles on the retina.

Age Demographics of LSH Sight Clients

If you have an eye condition that will benefit from one of the sponsored surgeries, and if you don’t have insurance and are not eligible for government medical programs, or you have insurance but the copay is not affordable, review our 4 Step Guide – Do I Qualify? or call 1-800-647-6638.

Have you lived in one of the 12 California counties listed below for the past three years (36 months)?
  1.        Imperial
  2.        Inyo
  3.        Kern
  4.        Los Angeles
  5.        Mono
  6.        Orange
  7.        Riverside
  8.        San Bernardino
  9.        San Diego
  10.        San Luis Obispo
  11.        Santa Barbara
  12.        Ventura

What You Need

  • Verification of Identity – social security card, driver’s license, passport, or visa.
  • Verification of Residency  – utility bills, telephone bills or rental agreement with your name and address.
  • Health insurance documentation or written explanation of lack of coverage.
  • Doctor’s eye exam or report showing the diagnosis. Or contact LSF for help finding a doctor to obtain a diagnosis.

CALL for Application:          1-800-647-6638

EMAIL for Application

DOWNLOAD Application

PLEASE NOTE: LSH does not provide funding for eyeglasses or contact lenses. The following organizations may be able to help:

LSH may be able to help with the cost of your eye surgery/procedure.

To find out if you qualify, go to How Do I Qualify or call 1-800-647-6638.

Our staff is happy to provide guidance through the process.

How To Qualify