LSH funds treatment to restore or prevent further loss of vision. We help those in our service area who lack income and/or enough insurance coverage to meet the cost. In some cases, LSH has helped with the copay.

Though cataract surgery is the most common eye surgery we help fund, we do help with other eye surgeries as well.

We might be able to help with the cost of your eye surgery.

Interested applicants should call our office.

Our staff is happy to provide guidance through the process.

Call 800-647-6638.

Cataract Surgery

The most commonly funded treatment is cataract surgery. In the United States close to 4 million cataract surgeries are performed each year. It is a highly successful procedure with great outcomes and few side effects.

“To most people, cataract surgery is just a routine thing. But for me it was life-changing. It was a total miracle.” Cindy Walters

Detached Retina

A detached retina occurs when the retina pulls away from the supportive tissue around it and causes floaters and flashes of light or shadows in the visual field. This is considered an emergency and you should seek out a professional as soon as possible – quick medical treatment can often save the sight in that eye.

Rosie Orduña was told she had a detached retina in her left eye – and this happened right after Rosie gave birth to her daughter Kassandra. Kassandra was born deaf, and Rosie communicates with her using American Sign Language. She began to lose vision, and her ability to communicate with her daughter. She had exhausted her resources. A friend told her about a foundation that helped with eye surgery. “I looked it up on the Internet,” she says. Her research led her to the San Diego Host Lions Club, which helped her to apply and get help from LSH. Thanks to LSH, she has a chance to get on with her life – and to continue to communicate with Kassandra. Rosie Orduña

On occasion, retinas can become detached in both eyes.

When Tim Seward was diagnosed with detached retina in both eyes, he couldn’t afford to save his sight. Then a mentor, who was a Lion, told him to contact LSH, and everything changed. “I submitted my paperwork; within a couple of days I got approved and got an appointment at the Pacific Eye Institute. They scheduled me within a week.” Within a month, Tim had surgery on both eyes. He’ll always be grateful to LSH, he says. “You guys were there when I had nowhere else to go.”  Tim Seward 

Gas Bubbles on the Retina

In 2016, Norma Agpalo began noticing something strange in her left eye. When she looked at a straight line, it seemed crooked. She had her eyes checked and got glasses, but the problem didn’t go away. “The faces on TV looked like monsters,” she remembers. When she was riding in the car with her husband, she could only see one car ahead. She couldn’t see the stoplights. She went back to the doctor, who referred her to the Pacific Eye Institute. She was told she had gas bubbles on her retina. “I had no health insurance. They told me it was going to cost $3,000.” Norma had no idea how she would pay for the surgery. “They suggested that I call LSH. I called and after I sent in my documentation I was quickly approved.”  Norma Agpalo 

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