Norma Agpalo

“The faces on TV looked like monsters.”

Photo: Anne Fishbein

In 2016, Norma Agpalo began noticing something strange in her left eye.
When she looked at a straight line, it seemed crooked. She had her eyes checked and got glasses, but the problem didn’t go away.
“The faces on TV looked like monsters,” she remembers. 
When she was riding in the car with her husband, she could only see one car ahead. She couldn’t see the stoplights.
She went back to the doctor, who referred her to the Pacific Eye Institute. She was told she had gas bubbles on her retina.

“I had no health insurance. They told me it was going to cost $3,000.” Norma had no idea how she would pay for the surgery.
“They suggested that I call LSH.  I called and after I sent in my documentation I was quickly approved.”
But the next year, Norma began having problems again. This time it was a cataract.

 “I had a husband and three girls, and I couldn’t drive. I couldn’t work.” Again Norma was approved for surgery to save her vision.

“I still need glasses, but I can see well enough to drive, and the faces on TV don’t look like monsters any more.”

Norma now has a job as a caregiver. ​”You helped me a lot,” she says. “It was a really big relief to me, and I really appreciate it.”

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