Your Home Is a Threat to Your Hearing

Your Home Is a Threat to Your Hearing

Household appliances are surprisingly noisy.

You might be surprised how loud your household items can be, Healthy Hearing reports.

But how loud is too loud? The test is simple: if you can’t carry on a conversation with someone standing beside you, the TV volume is set too high or the appliance is too noisy.

Even common household appliance decibel levels can hurt your hearing over time. Hearing damage from excessive noise is cumulative, so be aware of the decibel levels of your appliances.

The damage noise inflicts upon your hearing is permanent, but it’s also preventable. It’s never too late to begin protecting your hearing.

  • Turn down the volume, especially on the TV, car radio and personal electronic devices.
  • When you replace household appliances, look for those that operate at lower decibel levels.
  • If you have a noisy hobby such as woodworking, invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones .
  • If your home environment is still too noisy, buy some foam earplugs online and wear them when you know you’ll be exposed to excessive noise.

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