Why Nearsightedness Is on the Rise in Children

Why Nearsightedness Is on the Rise in Children

A generation of the real-life nearsighted Mr. Magoos is growing up before our eyes, Jane Brody writes in The New York Times.

“A largely unrecognized epidemic of nearsightedness, or myopia, is afflicting the eyes of children,” she writes.

People with myopia can see close-up objects clearly, but their distance vision is blurry, and without glasses or contact lenses, it’s hard to see the blackboard clearly or recognize faces down the block.

Brody says the growing incidence of myopia is related to changes in children’s behavior, especially how little time they spend outdoors.

Kids spend too much time staring at screens indoors instead of enjoying activities illuminated by daylight. Most children no longer play outside between the end of the school day and suppertime — and, you guessed it, the pandemic of the past year is probably making matters worse.

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