Why is LSHF closing their doors in 2022?

Why is LSHF closing their doors in 2022?

Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation of Southern California (LSH) mission is to Help Restore the Gifts of Sight & Hearing. Our history detailed on LSHF.org/About-LSH has upheld our mission and touched the lives of over 32,500 people in 12 California Counties (over 60% of California’s population). LSH evolved from the merger of two Lions Clubs Sight Foundations to one 501(c)3 charitable organization with sight services. In 2011, a hearing program was added, as hearings aids were not covered by most health insurance, including Medicare. In the past 10 years we have raised $3.77 Million through individual Lions Clubs as well as foundations and individual donors (LSH receives no federal, state or local government funding).

That $3.7 Million raised has helped 1,109 Southern Californians Restore their Gifts of Sight & Hearing receive over $12,487,750 in services.

With the average costs of cataract surgery being $4,800 per eye and hearing aids over $2,500 – LSH has worked with audiologists, ophthalmologists, surgeons, hearing aid practitioners, nurses and clinic/office staff to turn donations into services that change the lives of those Californians that cannot afford these costs and turning LSH applicants into LSH Success Stories (Lshf.org/success-stories).

I am writing you today to inform you that Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation of Southern California will help Restore the Gifts of Sight & Hearing for 76 MORE Individuals into Success Stories before we close our doors later this year.

The LSH Mission is still very much needed but shifting priorities of our funders since the covid-19 pandemic has heavily impacted our funding and although we have stopped taking new applications, we are committed to helping those who have already been approved for LSH services.

Why is LSH closing their doors in 2022?

The Pandemic shifted how LSH is being supported in numerous ways.

  • Individuals who have always supported us generously now maybe are faced with their own personal financial challenges and can’t donate to LSH at a level that they once did.
  • Lions Clubs who would support us with organizational gifts are no longer meeting or meeting less so in person and have seen their membership wane.
  • Foundations whose mission fell in line with ours at LSH prior to the pandemic have shifted their priorities to respond to the new needs of the American people post pandemic.

All of you, our supporters, donors, volunteers, providers, and clients, THANK YOU for working with the LSH Board of Directors, LSH staff and me, over that the past years to pursue LSH’s mission of Helping Restore the Gifts of Sight & Hearing. If you have any thoughts or questions, or even to tell us what was your favorite LSH weekly email we sent, please email me at RStein@LSHF.org.


Randy Stein, CEO

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