“What the heck is that ticking noise?”

     Melva Snyder went through five sets of hearing aids before she finally got the right ones.
     That meant more than 10 years of frustration. She still had to ask people to repeat themselves. When she was driving, she couldn’t hear if her blinker was on. If she was outside the house, she couldn’t hear the phone ringing. “It was a nightmare,” she says.
     Finally, Melva’s audiologist told her about LSH. She sent in an application, and once she was approved, she got hearing aids that actually worked.
     “Immediately I noticed the difference,” Melva told us. As she drove away from the audiologist’s office, she put her blinker on — and she heard it!
     Later, when she got home, “I was sitting underneath a clock that I’ve had for years. I’m thinking, what the heck is that ticking noise?” She had never heard the clock before.
     “It’s so much more comforting. Someone can stand across the room and I can hear them. And they’re small, I like the size of them. I even have to remember to take them off at night, they’re so comfortable.”
     Now Melva can’t imagine life without her new hearing aids. “You have to get better to know how bad it was. I sure appreciate it. I could not have afforded these and it’s just a blessing.”
     Melva’s life has been changed — thanks to you, our loyal supporters.
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