Warning: Onset of Fall Means More Blinding Glare From the Sun

Warning: Onset of Fall Means More Blinding Glare From the Sun

The sun is closer to the horizon.

The sun moves closer to the horizon in the days surrounding the autumnal equinox, KWQC News reports.

That means that for longer periods of time it is pointed straight into drivers’ eyes, it’s more likely to reflect at low angles off other cars, buildings and windows, according to the AARP.

“Autumn’s sunrises and sunsets can cause a large amount of glare, making it difficult to see other vehicles, pedestrians, traffic lights or the roadway,” according to AAA’s website.

The sun can also cause problems even when it’s setting behind drivers.

“Sunlight can bounce off your rear view mirror or reflect off traffic lights up ahead, and this can blind you for a split second while your eyes adjust,” according to the Esurance website.

“It can also make it hard (or impossible) to see traffic lights, which can prevent you from knowing if you’re supposed to stop or go.”

AAA says you should keep your windshield clean this time of year, since streaks and smudges can magnify sunlight.

Also, make sure to always have sunglasses, and avoid using washing and waxing products that can amplify your car’s shine.

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