‘Walking Dead’ Shows Deaf Experience of the Apocalypse

‘Walking Dead’ Shows Deaf Experience of the Apocalypse

Sunday’s episode showed viewpoint of the deaf character.

Sunday’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ did something viewers had never seen before, Insider reports.

Part way through the episode, the zombie drama switched points of view to show the apocalypse from the viewpoint of Connie (played by Lauren Ridloff), a deaf character on the show.

After hiding in a cornfield from the Whisperers, Connie ducks from safety to save a baby from a group of the undead, then hurtles herself into the corn.

Then, with the sound garbled, viewers follow Connie as she scrambles through the field, and experience the stress of the bleak situation alongside her.

Episode director Meera Menon told Insider that Ridloff, a former Broadway actress who was born deaf, had input on the scene as well to ensure it felt authentic.

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