UPDATE to Medicare Sight and Hearing Benefits Bill

UPDATE to Medicare Sight and Hearing Benefits Bill

We all know how important Medicare benefits are for countless Americans. In August I talked about the Medical Dental, Vision and Hearing Benefit Act introduced in Congress, which is designed to expand Medicare coverage in these critical areas.

While we still don’t know if and when this bill will pass, I wanted to share more information about it with you. Take a look at our post “Sight and Hearing Benefits in Medicare Bill UDPATE.”

Expanding Medicare benefits is not a small issue and is a complicated process. However, I am hopeful that we are slowly but surely moving in the right direction, and I’ll make sure to keep you updated as more news develops.

In the meantime, LSH will continue doing what we can to help those who need help restoring the gifts of sight or hearing in the 12 California Counties we serve.


Randy Stein

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