UK Study Finds Birds Around Airports May Be Deaf

UK Study Finds Birds Around Airports May Be Deaf

Deafness may lead to aggression.

Birds around airports are more aggressive and sing as if they have hearing loss, reports.

Researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University and the Institute of Biology Leiden have reported surprising new findings about the impact of human-created noise on birds around airports.

The study, was recently published in the Journal of Animal Ecology, revealed that chiffchaffs (Phylloscopus collybita) sing at lower frequencies when their territories are closer to the noisy runways at Manchester Airport or Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

The reason may be deafness at high frequencies due to the extreme exposures to airplane noise that happens every three minutes throughout the day.

Aircraft noise is so loud and covers all frequencies that birds can’t adjust, no matter how how they shift to different song frequencies.

Birds around the Manchester airport are more aggressive and get into physical fights rather than settling their differences through song.

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