Toronto’s Deaf Night Out Is a Fabulous Halloween Party

Toronto’s Deaf Night Out Is a Fabulous Halloween Party

Annual event is a celebration of deaf culture.

Deaf Night Out gives members of both the deaf and hearing communities in Toronto the chance to connect and celebrate deaf culture and sign languages, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reports.

The Halloween party event — which started three years ago — is now an annual affair attracting hundreds of people.

“It was just a small event at the time and now it has grown exponentially,” organizer Emmanuel Sohou told CBC Toronto through interpreter Christopher Desloges, who is also president of Toronto Sign Language Interpreter Service.

“We want the deaf people to be able to come and have their own Halloween event, where they can socialize and learn and be with each other, the same as like a family. We’re a family and we’re together, so we try to do this every year.”

In addition to the Canadian performers who provided entertainment for the night, there were also entertainers from the United States. Many of the performers are deaf.

Guests also flew in from as far away as Europe for Toronto’s Deaf Night Out.

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