These 8 Animals Have Better Eyesight Than Humans


A hawk comes out on top.

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have found that Harris’s hawk, a bird found in the southwestern United States, may have the best color vision of all animals, India Today reports.

Good vision is usually associated with the size of the eyes, but the hawk — along with other birds of prey — is an exception.

The researchers found that the bird’s ability to distinguish colors gave it a big advantage in finding prey on the ground.

“I did not think that color vision would be of such significance, rather than birds of prey simply have better visual acuity than humans and that was the reason they detect objects so early and at a great distance. However, color is of considerable importance,” said Almut Kelber, a biologist at Lund University.

Other animals with exceptional eyesight are owls, cats, prosimians (a group that includes lemurs and bushbabies), dragonflies, goats, chameleons and the mantis shrimp.

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