Texas Mom Says Facebook Helped Save Her Son’s Eyesight

Texas Mom Says Facebook Helped Save Her Son’s Eyesight

Oral herpes spread to the child’s eyes.

A mother in Texas is spreading the word about a common infection that can put a child’s eyesight at risk: the herpes virus.

A Facebook thread alerted Jamie Boles to the possible cause of the blisters that had formed around her young son’s eyes, KPRC/NBC News reports.

He was originally taken to an urgent care clinic, where staff thought it could be hand, foot and mouth disease, but later tests confirmed that HSV, otherwise known as the cold sore virus or oral herpes, had infected his eyes.

Almost 50 percent of the U.S. population carries the virus in their mouths, but around the eye, it can lead to blindness.

Now Jamie Boles is begging other parents to be aware of how dangerous it can be to babies.
“Parents with cold sores kissing your babies, you can transmit it to them,” she says. “On the lips, mouth, it’s not any danger but on the eye is when it’s really concerning.”

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