Supermarket Cashier Goes the Extra Mile for Deaf Shoppers

“I want to make my customers happy in these hard times.”

Asli Knowles, who works in a supermarket in Vero Beach, Florida, was finding it hard to communicate with deaf customers she started having to wear a face mask, KSAT TV reports.

Knowles said it was almost impossible to communicate with customers who were deaf.

“I would have to take off my mask to have them read my lips,” she said, “and I didn’t want to put anyone in danger.”

Then Knowles found out about special face coverings for the deaf made by Brian Tavers, the founder of Anchor Handmade Designs.

Tavers, who is deaf, designed a mask with a clear, see-through-window to help the deaf who depend on lip reading to communicate.

“I found him and sent a message to him,” Knowles said. “I told him smiling is a part of our uniform and I want to make my customers happy in these hard times.”

After receiving the specially designed mask, Knowles said the first day wearing it at work was “amazing.”
“I had two deaf customers in my line and one of them almost cried in happiness and asked information about the masks,” Knowles said.

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