Sound Shirt Allows Deaf People to Feel the Music

Sound Shirt Allows Deaf People to Feel the Music

Technology translates sound into touch sensations in real time.

London-based CuteCircuit, which has been creating fashionable smart clothing since 2004, has created the “Sound Shirt,” which allows deaf people to feel live music, Dogo News reports. 

The fashionable jacket uses software that converts the music into data and wirelessly sends it to 16-micro actuators embedded inside the fabric.

The devices vibrate to the the music, allowing the wearer to feel each instrument individually. For example, violins can be felt on the arms, while the deeper bass notes are felt close to the stomach.

“We mapped intuitively how we thought the music would map to the body,” said CuteCircuit CEO Ryan Genz. The series of sensations across the wearer’s torso results in a fully immersive musical experience.

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