Optometrist By Day, Boxer By Night

Optometrist By Day, Boxer By Night

He runs six miles before work.

At 23, Arjun Singh rises at six to fit in his morning training before spending his days looking after his patients’ eyesight in Brighton, UK, The Argus reports.

His sport helps him stay focused, he says: “It’s hard, but I love it. I have been boxing since I was about nine or ten. But my mum didn’t want me to box, she wanted to protect me. Instead she pushed me in education.”

Arjun studied optometry at City University of London and he is now taking his final exams.

He’s already making a difference in the lives of his patients. At a recent routine check-up on a taxi driver, he noticed significant swelling on his optic nerve. It turned out to be a case of papilledema, an eye condition caused by increased pressure in or around the brain.

If left untreated it could have caused permanent loss of sight or even death.

The man was referred for surgery, and Arjun warns: that it goes to show the importance of regular checkups.

Something was missing in his life, though. So he joined Brighton and Hove Boxing Team and was taken under the wing of a heavyweight title-winning coach.

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