She Kept Losing Her Eyesight, With No Explanation

Then a doctor asked about her mental health.

When she was 14 years old, Diana Chao began having migraines, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

She often felt dizzy, and sunlight caused her excruciating pain.

“It felt like shards digging into my eyes,” she told the Inquirer.

Her parents took her to an optometrist, and she was diagnosed with uveitis, an inflammatory eye disease causes pressure to build up inside the eye and can render people temporarily blind.

For the next four years, Diana had episodes of temporary blindness every few months, visiting a range of specialists as she underwent a battery of tests. The tests revealed nothing wrong.

But then one ophthalmologist said she’d seen the condition in some patients with mental illness. And Diana had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a teenager. Her body, it turned out,  might be reacting to her mind.

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