Ring in the New Year with New Hearing Aids

Ring in the New Year with New Hearing Aids

Happy New Year! You may have already started on your New Year’s resolutions, such as joining a gym or eating less take-out food and maybe already broken a few of those great intentions. I know I’m guilty of making and breaking resolutions, but given the covid-19/world’s heath focus of the last two years, let’s make 2022 the year of taking care of our own health. I’m going to get my yearly physical, annual vision test, and hearing checked. And for those with hearing aids, get those tested as well.

Since the start of the pandemic, it has been difficult to get those type of appointments. For example, Amanda Jones wasn’t able to get her hearing aids checked when her digital hearing aids started to lose their power making online Zoom classes with her students very difficult.

Amanda realized something was wrong with her hearing aids, but didn’t know she needed to get them replaced. Amanda contacted LSH, and we helped her get a new pair of hearing aids, making her more self-reliant and better able to communicate with her students, whether over Zoom, or in the classroom.

Our article, 7 Signs Your Hearing Aids Might Need to be Changed, discusses when it may be time to replace your hearing aids. There are many things that determine how effective your hearing aids are, including:

  • Changes in your hearing (which can happen over time)
  • Shifting occupations, or changing your living situation, which puts new demands on your hearing aids
  • Outdated hearing aid technology

Remember, if a loved one may be losing their hearing, contact an audiologist or a hearing aid dispenser, or call LSH at 1-800-647-6638 and visit How to Qualify at LSHF.org.


Randy Stein, CEO

How To Qualify