Researchers Claim Gaming Can Improve Eyesight

Researchers Claim Gaming Can Improve Eyesight

Specific games are designed to sharpen peripheral vision.

Researchers from Lancaster University in the UK claim that playing computer games may actually improve a player’s vision, Bit-Gamer reports.

Parents worry that gaming will harm their kids’ vision, but according to research carried out at Lancaster University, a specific type of game may improve peripheral vision.

Most computer games involve looking directly at targets, or following the movement of characters, because that is the most natural and intuitive way we use our eyes, explains researcher Argenis Ramirez Gomez. “We wanted to explore the opposite:  is it possible to play games just by using our peripheral vision, is it possible to develop strategies to overcome the challenge, would it be engaging and fun and could these games improve our peripheral awareness?”

The result was a trio of simple games in which players use a mouse to select or steer objects using only their peripheral vision. Eye-tracking hardware is used to monitor the player’s gaze, and if they look directly at the objects under their control they’re penalized – including, in one game, having their character turned to stone by Medusa.

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