Reducing Holiday Stress for the Vision Impaired

Reducing Holiday Stress for the Vision Impaired

Last week, we shared our 10 Tips for Being Deaf Friendly During Holiday Gatherings. Today, we would like to share some ideas for making the holidays less stressful for people who have lost some (or all) of their sight, or who have other vision issues.

Many of us who celebrate this holiday season like to put up Christmas trees with lights and decorations, or maybe the family menorah— those heirlooms that have been in the family for years. We look forward to having these decorations out as part of the family tradition. Houses and neighborhoods become filled with everything from lights to giant air-filled snow globes.

For the vision impaired, the holidays are a different experience. If someone who is vision impaired is spending the holidays with you, make sure you include festive scents and sounds to enhance your gathering. Also, wrap presents in different textures of paper, or even with easily removed ribbons. Include children who are sight impaired in the festivities with a Letter from Santa in braille. Take the time to describe the lights and decorations to those who cannot see them. You can describe a tree’s size and color, what decoration is at the top, the light sizes and colors, and any other visual effects. Of course, ask your vision impaired loved one how they would prefer things be described.

Those are just a few of our tips to help make this season more inclusive. For more, read our article Tips to Make the Holidays Less Stressful for People with Vision Loss to give you lots of ideas to help make the holidays more enjoyable for vision-impaired guests, family, or friends.

Stay safe and have a great holiday season! If you or someone you love is having vision-related issues, let us help. Call 1.800.647.6638 or visit How to Qualify at

Happy Holidays everyone!


Randy Stein, CEO

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