Police Rescue Blind, Deaf Dog From Sewer

Police Rescue Blind, Deaf Dog From Sewer

Michael and Sharon McClintock’s dog Miss Daisy Mae fell into the sewer in front of their home this week and was stuck down there for hours, Fox2Now reports.

The couple was having their floors redone and had left the door open for the workers. Miss Daisy Mae, who is 15 years old, blind and deaf, walked down to the street and fell right in.

“My stomach turned. I thought she was a goner. I thought she probably fell down on her head and broke her head or broke her head. Just down there dead,” said Mr. McClintock.

The couple called on local police for help, and Officer Lekamp and Corporal Jost of the North County Police Cooperative responded.

Officer Lekamp has a soft spot for animals and could tell the McClintocks were distraught.

Officer Jost climbed down the sewer several times trying to locate the dog. Once he discovered which tunnel she was in, he and Corporal Jost created a tool, using a pool rescue hook and an extender to hook the dog and pull her to safety.

“Unfortunately, I had to lay down completely flat inside the mud and whatever else was down there,” said Jost. “We were able to find the dog 14 feet in and hook the dog and pull the dog out.”

The McClintocks couldn’t believe the officers went to such great lengths to save their precious Daisy Mae. “When he came up with the dog, we just burst out crying because we were so relieved,” said Sharon McClintock.

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