Parents in China Fear Online Classes Will Harm Kids’ Eyesight

Parents in China Fear Online Classes Will Harm Kids’ Eyesight


Coronavirus forces children to spend more time in front of screens.

With schools closed during the novel coronavirus outbreak, parents worry that the long exposure to electronic devices will harm their children’s eyesight, China Daily reports.

Xie Wen, mother of a 6th-grade student in Shanghai, said her son takes six online classes a day at home.
“Even adults feel tired after staring at screens for too long, let alone little children,” she said. “I remind him constantly to remain a certain distance from the computer, but the distance keeps getting closer and closer whenever I am not around.”

Yu Feng, father of a 2nd-grade student in Changsha, Hunan province, said his daughter takes four online classes every day, each lasting about half an hour.
“I understand it is necessary for senior students who need to take the high school entrance exam or national college entrance exam to take online classes, but is it really necessary for a second-grader to also take such classes?” he said. “Will it be the worst thing if they learn about basic math or Chinese two or three months later?”

Almost 70 percent of 8th-grade students in China had poor eyesight in 2018, despite government efforts to combat nearsightedness, according to a 2018 survey by the Ministry of Education.

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