New Video Game is Accessible to the Vision and Hearing Impaired

New Video Game is Accessible to the Vision and Hearing Impaired

‘The Last of Us Part II’ brings blind gamer to tears.

The video game ‘The Last of Us Part II’ breaks new ground with features for disabled players, USA Today reports.

It’s part of an ongoing process as video game consoles have evolved. ‘Gears 5,’ an Xbox One game that came out last year, had enhanced features for the deaf or hard of hearing, and those who are blind or have limited vision.

And tech hardware such as Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller, released in 2018, has also made games easier to play for those with a disability.

‘The Last of Us Part II,’ released last month, has already sold more than 4 million copies, making it the fastest selling PlayStation exclusive release to date. It’s the latest, and perhaps biggest, video game yet to narrow the accessibility gap for disabled gamers.

Steve Saylor, a blind video gamer and accessibility consultant, was invited to the studio last year to test the accessibility features. This feature, he said, “will read every single bit of text that is on the screen. It allows me to not have to strain my eyes to read anything. It’s like a built-in narrator.”

When Saylor got a final copy of the game last month, he began a video recording of his initial reactions for his regular YouTube video reviews. When he accessed the menu, Saylor became very emotional and cried, saying, “There’s so much here.”

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