New Technology Will Automate Eyesight Testing

New Technology Will Automate Eyesight Testing

Innovative device is smaller, faster and less expensive.

Arizona startup iCrx has set its sights on shortening your trip to the eye doctor, Tech Launch Arizona reports.

Using technology invented at the University of Arizona James C. Wyant College of Optical Sciences, the inventors have figured out how to automate the process of measuring a person’s required prescription without the need for verbal input from the patient.

The inventors say the new see-through auto-phoropter produces a prescription for glasses or contact lenses in less than 20 seconds and with much better accuracy than existing methods. The hand-held device is smaller, faster and much less expensive, since it does not require a large number of lenses; instead, it uses a series of fluidic lenses that can change their focal length by pumping fluid in and out of a chamber.

According to the inventors, the new compact, automated phoropter iCrx eases the process of examining more challenging populations like children and aging adults who might not be able to provide the accurate feedback needed when using conventional phoropters.

It is also suited for kiosk operations at drug stores and doctors’ offices and for use in developing countries because of its low cost and ease of operation, since a doctor is not required to operate the instrument.

Current methods use bulky, expensive equipment, and testing takes ten to twenty minutes.

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