New Contact Lenses Would Give ‘Superpowers’ to Your Eyes

New Contact Lenses Would Give ‘Superpowers’ to Your Eyes

Technology uses a display the size of a grain of sand.

A display that squeezes 70,000 pixels into a space that’s less than half a millimeter across is the centerpiece of the Mojo lens, Fast Company reports.

Using contact lenses, the display is positioned directly in front of the pupil, so that it projects and focuses light toward a specific area of the retina at the back of the eye. The display is so small and so close that the eye can scarcely see it.

The augmented reality (AR) technology won’t be available for another two or three years, but it could be a valuable tool for everyone from firefighters to ordinary people with bad vision.

Based in Saratoga, California, Mojo has kept its plans for an AR contact lens under wraps for more than three years, but now its developers have enough confidence in their invention to go public.

The first version of the Mojo lens will most likely be a base model with features for people with vision impairments. They could be used by people with various kinds of degeneration of the retina, and by people experiencing presbyopia, the normal loss of ability to focus on small objects that comes with aging.

For example, the lenses can detect the text on a road sign in the distance and display it clearly, or  magnify objects or project them onto the part of the person’s retina that can still see well.

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