New App Helps the Deaf Participate in the Voting Process

New App Helps the Deaf Participate in the Voting Process

Non-partisan organization helps to inform deaf voters.

This week the Communication Service for the Deaf announced the expansion of its SignVote campaign, The Hill reports.

The effort is designed to help increase voter participation among the deaf community throughout the 2020 elections.

SignVote makes information accessible for those who communicate using American Sign Language (ASL).

“Back in 2016 I remember watching the election debates and the captioning was so badly delayed that it wasn’t even matching up with the topics that were shown on-screen,” says Kriston Lee Pumphrey, Community Engagement Manager for Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD). “The myriad of controversial topics just made it a roller coaster ride of frustration. I remember thinking, ‘If only we could have live interpreters on-screen.’”

“SignVote provides an extensive ASL-based digital archive that will help eliminate some of the most fundamental barriers that deaf people still face today to full participation in the electoral process.”

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