COVID-19 Leaves Makeup Artist With Permanent Eye Damage

COVID-19 Leaves Makeup Artist With Permanent Eye Damage

A talented make-up artist says that Covid-19 left her with permanent nerve damage in both eyes, the UK’s Daily Mail reports.

Coronavirus caused 26-year-old Samantha Helen’s brain to swell up, a condition known as encephalitis, and she had to learn how to walk again as she adjusted to her new eyesight.

She was left with a small blind spot in her left eye – which she likened to ‘a black orb’ – and she also has to learn how to drive all over again.

Samantha is well known for creating intricate cosmetic designs, and she owns her own face and body art supplies company. She also tours the UK to teach and give demonstrations and classes.

But, her long COVID symptoms left her unable to paint until last month.

In an emotive Facebook video post, Samantha – who was fit and healthy before catching COVID – told how her life has changed forever and said she hoped sharing her experiences with long COVID will help others.

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