Loyal Red Sox Fan, Losing Her Eyesight, Wins World Series Ticket


The biggest thrill was meeting Big Papi.

A week ago, Jeri Schey was going through Twitter, which she reads in large font with a bifocal on her one non-blind eye, the Providence Journal reports. She saw a contest offered by Papa John’s Pizza.

It asked people to tweet back Red Sox fan photos and why they would like to see the World Series. The prize: two tickets to the first game.

Jeri sent in a photo of herself in a Red Sox jersey hugging Wally the mascot at Fenway Park last Mother’s Day.

She tweeted: “Going blind this seriously wld make me cry!”

The next morning she had a direct message on her Twitter page, and she really did start to cry: Papa John’s told her she’d won.

Jeri has suffered from retinitis pigmentosa since childhood, and at 44, her vision is almost gone. But she still watches every Red Sox game, sitting close to the TV.

This time, she got to watch the first game at Fenway. Afterwards she tweeted a video in which she tearfully watched her heroes. Then came a second surprise.

Two days later, Jeri’s phone rang, and a Papa John’s rep told her, “Jeri, we’d like to fly you out to L.A., all expenses paid, to see another game.”

The biggest surprise came during the third inning, when two Papa John’s reps asked Jeri to follow them. The reps led Jeri out of the park to a private space, where a familiar face came into view. When she looked closely, she couldn’t believe it.

“Stop crying so we can take some good pictures,” said Big Papi.

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