#LoveYourEyes on World Sight Day 2021

#LoveYourEyes on World Sight Day 2021

Today is World Sight Day 2021 and I wanted to share 10 tips so you can carry out this year’s theme “Love Your Eyes.”

According to the World Health Organization at least 1 billion people have a visual impairment that could have been prevented or hasn’t been addressed. Visual impairment affects so many aspects of a person’s life, from daily interactions and work opportunities, to accessing public services and mental health.

One leading cause of impairment is untreated cataracts. Cataracts are just one of the eye surgeries/procedures LSH may be able to help with. To find out more, check our How Do I Qualify page or call us at 1-800-647-6638.

In honor of World Sight Day here are 10 Tips to Love Your Eyes:

1.   Eat a healthy diet with plenty of green vegetables.
2.   Don’t smoke – it increases the risk of cataracts.
3.   Protect your eyes from UV light with sunglasses.
4.   Use proper eye safety equipment during hazardous work.
5.   Eyes need screen time rest–look 20 ft away every 20 minutes for 20 seconds-20/20/20 rule.
6.   Get regular eye checkups.
7.   Exercise to help keep your eyes healthy.
8.   Don’t rub your eyes if your hands aren’t clean.
9.   Don’t treat eye infections with over-the-counter treatment.

10. See an eye specialist if you have an issue such as a change in vision.

World Sight Day is to remind you to #LoveYourEyes every day so if you or a loved one needs help restoring the gift of sight, please contact LSH at 1-800-647-6638 or email LSH to see if we can help. And take the Pledge to Love Your Eyes.


Randy Stein

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