Los Angeles Rapper Pays a Heavy Price For Eye Color Change

Kissk has lost his vision and will need a cornea transplant.

Los Angeles rapper Jermaine Foots, aka Kissk, wanted light grey eyes, and that meant a controversial eye surgery in which cosmetic implants were permanently placed in his eyes, Fox 11 News reports.

The operation is not approved in the United States, so Kissk flew to India to get it done, even making a YouTube video to chronicle the operation.

At first there were no complications. But three years later, Kissk began losing his eyesight, and he ended up in the office of Dr. Aveneet Sodhi Gaur, a cataract and glaucoma specialist at the Assil Eye Institute in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Sodhi Gaur says these permanent cosmetic eye color surgeries performed in other countries have devastating long-term effects that include eventual blindness.

His implants have been removed, but unfortunately the damage is permanent. Kissk will need a corneal transplant and glaucoma surgery to restore his vision.

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