Legally Blind High School Player Takes His First Shot

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And it’s good!

Clay Warner’s team was down 15, but you wouldn’t know it by the cheering, The Washington Post reports.

The crowd knew that the 18-year-old senior had been waiting for the chance to play for years. He had suited up for every game, but until Friday night — senior night ― he had never set foot on the floor in a varsity basketball game for the North Polk High School Comets in his hometown of Alleman, Iowa.

The coaches were worried that Clay, who has cerebral palsy, might get hurt. But this night they made an exception.

“Clay Warner, the heart and soul of North Polk, is coming into the game!” the announcer yelled.

The other team sank a pair of free throws, and Clay was already waiting in position downcourt, anticipating a pass. The North Polk point guard brought up the ball, dribbled it right up to Clay and tossed him the ball in the bottom right corner, 15 feet out.

Clay took a dribble, then came the pull-up jumper. “Clay Warner with the shot …” the announcer said …
In a perfect high arch, it pierced through the net, barely touching the rim, and the gym erupted. “AND IT’S GOOD!” the announcer yelled.

​The North Polk bench was jumping in the air, and the other team’s players stood and clapped, too.

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