Knock-Off Drug Leaves 68 People Partially Blind


Lawsuits filed in Texas.

At least 68 cataract patients in the Dallas area say they were partially blinded or worse after being injected with a knockoff version of a drug called TriMoxi, BuzzFeed reports.

Some can’t perceive depth or colors, while others see glare, halos, flashing lights, or darkness. According to BuzzFeed, many are constantly disoriented, plagued with headaches and nausea, or unable to drive or work.

One is Curtis Cosby, who was getting cataract surgery in his right eye. After the procedure, the doctor injected a medication that was supposed to speed up healing. He was truck driver and just wanted to get back on the road as soon as possible.

But two weeks later, Cosby was driving a 10-wheeler when something blew through the window and into his left eye. He rubbed it. When that eye was covered, he realized that he could not see out of the one that had just been operated on.

Now, more than 18 months later, he’s close to blind and can’t drive. He’s lost his livelihood and is among those filing a suit against the pharmacy that compounded the drug, the company that allegedly designed the shoddy recipe, and the clinics that administered it. 

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