Judi Dench Is Determined to Keep Working Despite Eyesight Loss

Dame Judi Dench says she is determined to carry on working despite sight loss, The Guardian reports. Sometimes that means using friends to learn lines and being gently told to stop delivering speeches to the proscenium arch rather than her fellow actors.

Dench described how she copes with deteriorating eyesight at an online event last week with Stephen Fry and Hayley Mills for the Vision Foundation, the London sight loss charity.

Her condition is caused by age-related macular degeneration.

“You find a way of just getting about and getting over the things that you find very difficult,” she said. “I’ve had to find another way of learning lines and things, which is having great friends of mine repeat them to me over and over and over again. So I have to learn through repetition, and I just hope that people won’t notice too much if all the lines are completely hopeless!”

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