“It’s a Challenge Not to Cry Myself”

“It’s a Challenge Not to Cry Myself”

New York City sign language interpreter’s Covid-19 experience.

Jonathan Lamberton is the man seen beside New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio (or now due to social distancing measures, in a box on screen).

“It’s an honor to be able to provide critical important information for deaf New Yorkers and everyone viewing during this pandemic,” Lamberton told NBC New York, as his wife Andria Lamberton provided translation.

The weight of what he’s signing can take a toll.

“Sometimes when I’m interpreting it’s a challenge to not cry myself, it is on my mind but I’m able to put it on the mental back burner while I’m focusing on my job,” he said.

Jonathan remains dedicated to helping all New Yorkers get the information they need to keep them healthy and safe during the pandemic.

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