Iconic Deaf-Run Pizzeria Falls Victim to Pandemic

Iconic Deaf-Run Pizzeria Falls Victim to Pandemic

San Francisco’s Mozzeria will be missed.

San Francisco’s first and only Deaf-owned-and-operated restaurant is the latest casualty of the pandemic, KQED Radio reports.

The 49-seat pizza restaurant in the Mission closed November 12, almost nine years after Melody and Russ Stein opened the spot on 16th Street. Mozzeria, appreciated by locals for its calm vibe, lack of booming music and crusty, wood-fired Neapolitan pizzas, was both a cozy eatery and a welcoming space for the all-Deaf staff and diners from around the world.

The tables were often filled with hearing couples, but the back of the room held the only space large enough to accommodate a big group where Deaf friends could gather to celebrate a birthday, graduation or job well done. But no excuse was needed. For many of its regulars, Mozzeria was just the place to unwind and probably bump into Deaf friends or friends of friends and relax.

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