Hearing Specialist Crusades for Cochlear Implants


“The earlier you get the implant, the more successful it is .”

Jane Madell, a Brooklyn, NY pediatric audiology consultant and speech-language pathologist, wants every parent with a hearing-impaired child to know that nearly all kids with severe hearing loss can learn to listen and speak as if their hearing were completely normal, The New York Times reports.

Along with a colleague, Madell has produced a documentary film, ‘The Listening Project,’ featuring stories about people whose lives were changed by cochlear implants.

One of the film’s stars, Joanna Lippert, says the implants “totally revolutionized my world” when she received tham at age 11.

Now 33, she says “Suddenly when I was playing soccer, I could hear what my teammates were saying. My mother practically cried when I heard a cricket chirping in the house. I couldn’t talk on the phone before. Now in my job at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Manhattan, I’m on the phone all day long. The implant has been a wonderful gift.”

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