He Doesn’t Want Eyesight Back: Rather Keep His Dog

He Doesn’t Want Eyesight Back: Rather Keep His Dog

He Doesn’t Want His Eyesight Back: He’d Rather Keep His Guide Dog

Doctor in UK lost his vision overnight.

After losing his vision, Anit Patel was adamant that he didn’t want a guide dog, The Sun reports.

But his wife finally persuaded him, and since a white Labrador named Kika came to live with him in 2015, his life has been transformed.

As a medical student Anit had been ­diagnosed with ­keratoconus, which affects the shape of the cornea, and had ­several cornea transplants.

But then the blood vessels at the back of his eyes burst in 2013, and he was left blind. He had to give up the career he loved as an emergency doctor at a London hospital. 

“The despair I felt was unfathomable,” he told The Sun. “For the next six months, I shut down ­completely, mourning for the person I’d once been, and for all the ambitions I would not now achieve.”

Now Amit has written a book about the bond with his dog, Kika & Me. “She came into my life at a time when I needed comfort,” he says. “I needed that positive confirmation that things would be OK.
“She is a life-changer and a life-saver.”

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