Happy Birthday, Helen Keller!

Happy Birthday, Helen Keller!

American Foundation for the Blind Celebrates

On Helen Keller’s 139th birthday, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) announced the status of it s ongoing project to digitize its Helen Keller Archive, with more than 176,000 digital images now available.

The AFB points out that its archive is the most accessible archival collection currently available – meaning it is accessible to those who are blind, deaf, and deafblind as well as those who can see and hear. Materials now available include:

  • Correspondence with nine U.S. Presidents including this letter from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Keller.
  • Fan mail from thousands of individuals around the globe, including a letter from a woman in Argentina who wishes to donate her eyes to Keller.
  • Speeches spanning the first five decades of the twentieth century on a breadth of subjects from women’s rights to advocacy on behalf of those with vision loss, such as this speech Keller gave in Brazil.
  • Press clippings and articles spanning over six decades, including a tribute to Jane Addams attended by Helen Keller and Lillian Wald in 1929.
  • Hundreds of artifacts, such as an incense burner from the Empress of Japan.
  • Thousands of photographs from childhood to old age and her travels around the globe.
  • And a host of film clips from the documentary Helen Keller in Her Story, including a film clip of Keller’s first flight in 1918.

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