Google Debuts Android Apps to Help the Hearing-Impaired

Apps provide speech-to-text and sound amplification.

Google is rolling out two new Android apps to help people with hearing problems, Fortune magazine reports.

Live Transcribe provides hard-of-hearing and deaf people with text-to-speech, with real-time captions on users’ phones that appear during a conversation.

And Sound Amplifier uses headphones to amplify the volume of what they want to hear and reduce background noise.

Sound Amplifier became available this month for Android 9 or newer phones through Google’s Play Store, and Live Transcribe will gradually roll out in a limited test to users worldwide. Pixel 3 phones come equipped with both products.

Google partnered with Gallaudet University, an institution for deaf and hard-of-hearing students based in Washington, D.C., for Live Transcribe.

Live Transcribe works with 70 languages, some with multiple dialects.

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