For Deaf Muslims in Ramadan, YouTube is a Godsend

For Deaf Muslims in Ramadan, YouTube is a Godsend

Reciting the Quran presents a huge challenge.

Muslims around the world traditionally recite the entire Quran during the month of Ramadan, The New York Times reports — but what if you’re deaf?

Learning all 114 chapters can take years, and many learn the melodic Arabic recitations by listening to audio recordings.

But Surya Sahetapi and his friends in Indonesia didn’t have that option, because they are deaf.
“My deaf friends and I felt depressed because we didn’t have any way to help other deaf people to access Islam,” Mr. Surya told The Times through a sign-language interpreter.

Then last year Mr. Surya teamed up with a local Islamic organization to produce sign-language videos, translating all 114 surahs, or chapters.

“It’s changing everything,” Mr. Surya told The Times. “The videos also have their own message: If you want deaf Indonesians to learn Islam, they must learn sign language. Islam is not limited to what you read, but much more what you understand.”

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