Even For the Insured, Health Care Is Becoming Unaffordable

Even For the Insured, Health Care Is Becoming Unaffordable

High-deductible plans are causing a crisis for the middle class.

Medical bills are pushing millions of American families to the breaking point, The Los Angeles Times reports.

High deductibles are causing a crisis for middle-class households with health insurance along with the poor and uninsured.

Annual deductibles in job-based health plans have nearly quadrupled over the last 12 years and now average more than $1,300, according to the Times, and more than four in 10 workers enrolled in high-deductible plans say they don’t have enough savings to cover the gap.

One in five say healthcare costs have eaten up all or most of their savings.

Job-based health insurance — the most common form of coverage for working-age Americans — has undergone a rapid transformation, and patients now have to pay thousands of dollars out of their own pockets.

The conclusions are based partly on a nationwide poll The Times conducted in partnership with the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation.

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