Dozens Say They Were Blinded by Compounding Pharmacy’s Drug

Compounded drugs are not tested by the FDA.

Patients at two Dallas-area surgery centers claim they have suffered damage to their vision — many of them nearly blind, WFAA News reports.

Of the 68 patients, 60 have filed lawsuits claiming a drug made by a Dallas-based compounding pharmacy led to their lost vision.

Among them is Curtis Cosby, who went in for what he believed was routine cataract surgery. A few days afterwards, he realized something had gone terribly wrong.“I went in to see the doctor and she sits back and says, ‘I’m sorry,’” Cosby told WFAA. “And I said, ‘What do you mean you’re sorry?’ And she says, ‘Well, we had a problem with some medicine.’ ”

“Put on the darkest sunglasses you can find, fog up the window and look out of it,” Cosby suggested. “That is my best eye. My worst eye, you probably need to put on a welding helmet.”

Andrew Sommerman represents Cosby and 43 other patients who have filed suit. “For the majority of my clients, they are blank blind in that eye,” he said.

The lawsuit blames Guardian, the Dallas-based compounding pharmacy that made the solution, and two surgery centers where Guardian’s solution was injected into their patients’ eyes.

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