Does Your Dog Need Glasses?

Does Your Dog Need Glasses?

Loss of vision is hard to assess, but special specs can help.

Identifying vision issues in dogs isn’t that easy, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t squint at menus or bark wrong letters on the eye chart, and they adapt well when their vision starts to deteriorate.

According to Alexandra van der Woerdt, head of the ophthalmology service at Animal Medical Center in New York City, dogs develop nearsightedness or farsightedness less often than humans, but their eyesight also declines with age, and they are still susceptible to glaucoma, cataracts and corneal ulcerations.

Owners of certain breeds like pugs, Boston terriers and shih tzus, often find dirt or debris lodged in their dogs’ eyes, says. It helps for them to wear special glasses outdoors, especially in open-air vehicles.

There are also products that protect blind or visually impaired dogs from eye injuries, and colored lenses can boost contrast, making the most of limited vision.

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