Delta Flight Attendant Writes Special Note to Deaf Teen

Delta Flight Attendant Writes Special Note to Deaf Teen

It was her first time traveling by herself.

Born deaf, 16-year-old Ashley Ober was concerned about her flight from Baltimore to Rochester, New York, WKYT News reports.

It was the first time she was traveling by herself. But a Delta flight attendant’s note made her experience in the air one that she will never forget.

She was particularly worried about finding her way through New York’s busy John F. Kennedy International Airport.

“I feel nervous because … what if I miss my flight or I don’t know where to go if I transfer,” Ashley said through an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter. “I mean JFK is such a big airport, so I didn’t know where to go.”

Still, she said, “I wanted to be independent … I know I can do it on my own.”

After dropping Ashley off, her mom worried. But then she got a text, with a photo of the note Ashley found on her seat, explaining everything Ashley would need to know ahead of takeoff.

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