Delta Airlines Staff Will Offer Sign Language

Delta Airlines Staff Will Offer Sign Language

It’s the first U.S. airline to offer the service.

Delta flight attendants who speak sign language will soon be able to wear a pin to inform signing passengers that they share a common language, Travel & Leisure reports.

The airline says this makes them the first U.S. airline to officially offer sign language to their customers.
Delta employees who are proficient in American Sign Language, or any of the more than 300 signed languages from around the world, will be able to wear a special badge underneath their nameplate.

“Our mission is to connect the world, which starts with making travel easier for all people,” Delta CEO Ed Bastian wrote on LinkedIn.

The new policy comes after several instances of hearing-impaired passengers needing assistance. Last month a Delta flight attendant wrote out an introduction and safety instructions for a 16-year-old passenger who was deaf, and last year, a 15-year-old who was studying American Sign Language helped Alaska Airlines crew translate to a passenger who was blind and deaf.

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