Deaflympics Planned for Japan in 2025

There is no Paralympic category for the hearing-impaired.

The Japanese Federation of the Deaf has launched a campaign to bring the Deaflympics — Olympic Games for the deaf — to Japan for the first time, the Japan Times reports.

“We don’t want this momentum toward the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to end (with just hosting the games). We want to build on it, hoping that light will also shine on deaf sports,” said Naoki Kurano, a JFD board member in charge of sports.

The Summer Deaflympics in 2025 will mark a century from the first games, originally known as the International Silent Games, in Paris in 1924.

The Deaflympics is the second-oldest international multi-sport competition in the world after the Olympics. It is also the first sports event for any group of people with disabilities, predating the Paralympic movement, which began in 1960.

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