Deaf Surfing Whippet Rides Her Last Wave

Deaf Surfing Whippet Rides Her Last Wave

Beans inspired her owner to conquer her fear of the ocean.

Beans the whippet once won the International Surf Dog Championship, but last weekend she rode her last wave at the Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon at Del Mar Dog Beach, reports.

After nearly six years of surf-dog competition, she will retire due to some bone spurs on her spine.

​When Beans was adopted by Jen Havens nearly eight years ago at the age of four months, her new owner took her to the beach for the first time.

“She needed to get used to everything. She was born deaf, so everything was potentially scary, but I told her, ‘You have to go to the beach with me because you’re a whippet, and you’re going to want to run.’ “
Beans also met some surfers, and she would jump and paw at the surfboards as they came out of   the water.

So Jen bought her a boogie board — and there was no looking back. Only one problem: Jen was terrified of the ocean.

Beans started surfing with one of Jen’s friends, but she really wanted to go with Jen. And that inspired Jen to conquer her fears.

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