Deaf Rescue Pup Has ‘Hidden Superpowers’

“He makes me feel … sorta like safe.”

Usually small dogs with large floppy ears and big paws are first to go at a shelter, but Cole’s case was different, SNJ Today reports.

Cole, an abandoned American bulldog, is deaf. “Nobody wanted to adopt him. He had so many families come to see him and they wouldn’t adopt him,” said Chris Hannah, who teaches music at Dr. William Mennies School in Vineland, NJ.

But for Chris, there was a special reason to adopt Cole. “My nephew is my inspiration behind the whole idea because he is deaf,” he said.

He fell in love with Cole as soon as they met about a year and a half ago. He wanted to show his nephew, Kevin, that there are others just like him.

“But then I realized that we can help every kind of kid feel a certain way and to improve the way they feel about themselves and their confidence,” said Chris.

So shortly after he adopted Cole, Chris started bringing the pup  to school. That’s when he discovered Cole’s hidden superpowers.

“He makes me feel comfortable. He makes me feel … sorta like safe,” said third-grader Samantha Mears.

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