Deaf Passengers Say Delta Agent Refused to Communicate in Writing


Photo: Melissa Yingst
Passengers say the airline called the cops.

Two deaf passengers are claiming that a Delta gate agent refused to communicate with them in writing when they tried asking about their seating arrangements, NBC News reports.

Melissa Elmira Yingst and Socorro Garcia said they were initially told by a Delta agent at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport that they would be seated together, according to a Facebook post.

When they arrived at the gate, Garcia said the agent “kept talking to us without writing anything down,” and they were informed their seats were apart. Garcia said Yingst took out her cellphone to write a question to the agent.

“The gate agent rolled her eyes at us,” Garcia said. “Melissa asked for her to write. After few moments, she finally wrote on a piece of paper and said the flight is full and can’t book us together.”

When Garcia tried to write a reply, the agent allegedly crumpled up the paper and threw it in the garbage, according to the Facebook post.

“Melissa was stunned and took out her iPhone to take a video of her,” Garcia said. “I was shocked and asked for a paper and pen to communicate. She still refused and called the police on us.”

Delta described the encounter differently, and said in a statement that it was in contact with Garcia and Yingst and were reviewing the situation “to better understand what transpired.”

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